Our Home(s)

We have moved so many times, I've lost countAnd, we are about to move again.  Instead of trying to show all the pics of of our previous homes, I will just hit the highlights...believe me, it's better for both of us this way! :-)

As I look back at some of these photos, I'm like "what was I thinking??!!"...LOL.  I guess it's that way for most of us, we evolve in our decorating styles and improve along the way!

Manor Lane home...


Avery Trace home...

Dallas Loft home...we didn't live here long enough for me to finish decorating...plenty of empty walls and floor space...
Steeple Chase home...



  1. You have a beautiful home.
    I'm painting ours room by room and blogging in between.

    1. Meena, thank you so much! I'm trying to stay in neutral colors. We are renting right now (until we find our permanent home) and I am unable to change any paint colors. :-( Thank you again! Have a great evening!

  2. Your homes are beautiful. Can I ask why you move so much, coralx

    1. Thank you so much Coral! We move alot due to my husband's job! Hope you have a great day!


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