Hi, I'm Benita Roberts.  Welcome to my blog, Chasing Quaintness. 

Here's the Reader's Digest version of me.....Alabama born and raised.  Adopted Texan. Wife.  Mother.  Business professional.  Photographer.  Christian. Avid reader. Lover of all things black or white.

My writing style is....well, I really have no particular writing style.  I write like I talk...with a little sarcasm, a little humor, very fast and all over the place...with arms and hands flailing around....and a little bit of a Southern accent!  :-) 

On my blog, you never know what you are going to get.  Sometimes you'll find a new recipe, sometimes a craft project gone horribly wrong, sometimes a little decorating inspiration and occasionally, a DIY that went pretty well.  I usually have some sort of photo on Wordless Wednesday and Silent Sunday, but I wouldn't count on that regularly.  Sometimes I decide I want to write about something on either of those days, so I will.  I like to shake things up a bit and try not to stick to a regular routine.  Life gets boring if it is the same thing every single day.

My hairstyle is always something short.  I've found over the years that a short cut works best for me since I'm Italian and am engaged in a constant battle with humidity...and menopause.  I'm almost totally gray...I've been that way since I was about 22.  So you will find me sporting some shade of red. 

My design style is shabby chic meets industrial meets clean lines meets vintage meets rustic meets utilitarian meets French provincial.  It really depends upon the space in which we are living and the style of the house.  I have always believed that a house will tell you what it wants to wear if you just take the time to listen.

You may contact me at: benitagroberts@yahoo.com OR benitagroberts@gmail.com 

I look forward to hearing from you....or y'all! ;-)

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