Thursday, March 9, 2017

In The Easter Parade...

Everyone is gearing up for spring and Easter and I am loving all of the beautiful decor I've been admiring on Instagram and Pinterest.

While I currently do not have a home to decorate, I am more than happy to share some photos of my Easter decorations.  Believe me, these decorations will be all over the place once we move!

I found this little pot at Kirkland's a few years ago...

I keep this little rabbit out all year long, but give him center stage in the Easter decor...

I've always thought of him as my little good luck charm.  Hmmm, now that I think about it, I don't think he really brings good luck...look at all of our house catastrophes...LOL

I really like the soft, pastel-colored eggs...

...but admit that I did pick up some blingy gold ones the other day.  I will have to figure out how to make them work.  Maybe I can find a ceramic goose and leave the trail of eggs behind it. ;-)

While I love this nesty-type stuff (not sure what it's called), it makes such a mess...

...I'll get over it, it looks too pretty not to use.

On a different note, am I the only one who forgets that my computer is a touch screen and I mess everything up when I go to wipe a piece of fuzz off the screen??!!  Frustrating! :-)


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cottage On the Hill...

We received word that it looks like we are actually going to close on this little cottage-style house.  We are waiting on another survey and our lender has told them to get on it and make it snappy!

When the hubster first found the listing, he said "here is a house that is just your style, not mine so much, but yours."  I was in love with it the minute I saw the photo.  The hubster has since grown to love it as much as I do.

I love cottage-style homes and have always dreamed of owning one.  The first house we wanted to have built was a cottage-style home in a community of other cottage-style homes.  Here in Texas, the majority of the homes are brick and Austin stone.  They are pretty but I really wanted something that was different and thankfully, we found it.

All of the floors downstairs are acid-washed concrete.  Very different, but they fit perfectly in this house.  It doesn't have a foyer or grand entry....the front door opens right into the living area...just like older homes.  Since most of the homes in this little area ARE older homes, the builder wanted to make sure the house fit in.

The house doesn't have a big kitchen, but the living/kitchen/dining area is all "open concept" so it seems much larger than what it is.

The light fixtures are awesome, especially the one in the dining area.

I can't wait to see our table and chairs in this space.  Our dining table and chairs are so versatile...they fit perfectly in our city loft, perfectly in our rental in Tennessee, perfectly in our purchased home in Tennessee and have been fitting perfectly in a closet while packed away....see, versatile.  Gotta have versatile furniture! :-)

The master bedroom is not overly large, but a really good size (I couldn't get a good photo of the entire room, so you only get to see a small portion)... is the master bath.

The master closet is perfect, with lots of built-ins!  I posted on Instagram that I envision 2 barn door sliders covering these spaces before too long.  It will be a nice DIY project for the hubster.  Y'all have seen how I destroyed a little footstool, so there is no way I'm going to tackle using power tools and good wood!  I give termites the heebie-jeebies!

As you can see from these few photos, there is a fair amount of shiplap in this home.  The bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs all have shiplap on at least one wall.  And the tile in the upstairs bathrooms.... looks like old bricks! I love it!  So different!

So there's the sneak peak of the little cottage we hope to be moving into in the next few weeks!  I've been so excited about this house....much like a dog chasing it's tail...drooling and laughing! :-)


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

And Another One Gone...

Another one bites the dust seems to be the theme in our search for a home!

You probably thought my absence from the blog meant that we were closing on our house and moving...that's where you'd be wrong.  We were not able to meet the deadline set by the builder and didn't close.  We were disappointed but not crushed about not closing on that house.  Fortunately, this isn't our first rodeo.  We decided to be a bit ahead of the game and set out to find a "back-up" home in the event of not being able to meet the deadline.  We found one, made an offer and they accepted.  We are back in the saddle again.  Yes, I know...western "cliches".  :-)

This next house is much smaller, thankfully, and is not a "cookie cutter" house.  The builder is an individual, rather than a company, so the homes they build are different.  It is a bit more "farmhouse-style" than I really like but I think by choosing the right decor, I can make it the little cottage I've always dreamed of owning.  We are calling it "The House on the Hill".  It's actually more of a steep incline, but "The House on the Steep Incline" just didn't sound very appealing.

I have been very hesitant to share any news on the blog about us finding a different home because I feel like I'm just jinxing the entire house-hunting process by even talking about it...crazy, I know.  I have shared a few photos on Instagram and would love for to you to take a peek over there and let me know what you think.  Just follow the link to find me!

Now, on to other things...I've been away from the blog because we have so many things going on....trying to get closed on a house, looking for a house after each one falls through, tons of work, company and personal taxes and most importantly, my mother's and nephew's health.  I had to travel back to Alabama because they both had heart attacks a couple of weeks ago and since I've returned, my mother has had congestive heart failure which required yet another hospital stay.  She is going to need heart surgery in the next few weeks to repair a mitral valve and replace an aortic valve.  They will not be able to perform the surgery without opening up the chest completely.   Her health is not good right now so prayers for her and for our family would be much appreciated.  The doctors have still not been able to find out what is wrong with my nephew....we are terribly worried about him.  He is still experiencing unexplained fever and heart issues.

Since I will once again be traveling back and forth to Alabama (in addition to work travel), I'm not sure how often I will be able to sit down to write a post.  I will try to be posting pics of the new house (if we close and move) to my Instagram so that I can stay in touch with all of you.  And, I hope to be throwing some idea boards together for the new place!

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