Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Quick Update....

I know most of you think that I have fallen off the face of the earth, but truly, I haven't.  :-)

Life has been a bit overwhelming and has literally been turned upside down since the loss of my dad a few months ago.

My youngest son moved to Florida to live near my oldest son.  While I hate that they are both so far away, the good news is that when I visit them in Florida, I will also get to visit with my sweet friend Dewena.

In addition to the loss of my dad and getting my youngest son settled in Florida, I had the flu for almost 2 months...yes 2 very long months!!  I thought it would never was attached like a leech!!

Soon after the flu departed, we found out that we have to move back to Texas.  Yes, our sweet home that we spent so much time searching for and decorating will have to be sold.  It is officially on the market.

If I could move this house to Texas I would move it...and be quick about doing would sure save time having to look for a new one and doing all of that decorating again.  But here's the biggest rub....after all of those years trying to grow hydrangeas, I finally have them...a large bush full of beautiful lush, white blooms....and I have to leave it behind!  Life just loves to kick you in the knee sometimes!

As much as I dislike the life changes that have taken place over the last few months, I do know that this is how it is...a roller coaster of the grandest proportions and we are only along for the better hold on tight!

I do hope to be back writing regularly before too long, so please bear with me!

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