Monday, November 30, 2015

Come Fly With Me....

...or not!

I hate flying...plain and simple.  Being on an airplane combines so many of my phobias...acrophobia, claustrophobia, bacteriophobia, basiphobia, vomitophobia, terroristophobia and a few other phobias I don't even know the names for.  I would rather drive 10,000 miles than get on a plane.  Unfortunately, in business, driving is not always an option to get to a destination.

We recently had to travel to Reno for a business conference.  I begged the hubster to drive out to Reno.  I cried, pleaded, hung onto his leg and let him drag me around the house, made gagging noises every time he talked about the trip...sobbed myself into a frenzy, but it was all for naught.  We simply did not have the available time to drive to and from Reno.  So on a plane we had to go.

The morning of our trip, we drove to the airport...I grumbled the entire way.  The only thing I hate worse than flying is going through security.  This particular morning was no different.  We noted that 3 very questionable-looking individuals were able to breeze through security easily, while a 95-year-old woman was being frisked, stripped and cavity-searched...because she's naturally the biggest threat on a plane.  If push comes to shove, I know I can take her!

After security, we waited to board.  My appearance slowly changed from that normal person you see over to the this....

I become a demon-witch on a plane.  You should always keep your kids away from me on a plane. I cry during take off and landing, squeal and scream through every little bump.  Words that I have never uttered flow steadily from my lips, similar to a foreign language.  My head is in constant motion, like that of someone riding the Scream Machine at Six Flags...all on the inside, that is.  On the oustide, I'm ramrod stiff and refuse to move any more than I have to. 

There have been many times the hubster has had to ask me to stop screaming because I'm scaring the children on our flight.  The kids all point at me and laugh.  The biggest baby on the plane is NOT the 3-month old, it is me!

Have I mentioned that I hate flying?!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cuz It's All About That Baste....'s all about that baste, 'bout that baste, no dribble....

It's Turkey Day everyone....hope your day is fabulous!  BUT, before you get started cooking that turkey, check out a few of these pins...

Grilled turkey??  Yes, please....lots of it!  I don't like turkey that much, but could definitely see lots of slices of this bird on my plate!

Maybe, you prefer to brine your turkey to bring out those flavors...

Or, maybe you are vegan and want to try a new recipe...

However you choose to get your turkey on, I hope it is a fabulous day!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that you all have a most wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday with your families!

In traditional CQ style, I couldn't leave this message without a small video clip from one of my most favorite Christmas movies..

I hope you all have lots of turkey leftover for your turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey hash, turkey a la king and whatever else you decide to make!
Love and Blessings to you all!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tonya's Easy Cornbread Dressing....

I don't know exactly who Tonya is, but I cannot thank her enough for this recipe!

Making dressing for Thanksgiving has forever intimidated me.  It has always turned out too dry or too mushy.  I could never find that perfect balance.

Then, I ran across Tonya's recipe on  I was skeptical at first because it seemed too simple and easy.  Because great recipes have to be complicated, right?  WRONG!  This is a great recipe and is not complicated.

1 pan previously made regular cornbread (2 boxes - follow directions on box) OR, you can use Grandmother Ruby's Country Cornbread
1/2 medium sweet onion, minced or chopped
1/2 to 1 can chicken broth (adjust amount to desired moistness)
1 can cream of celery soup
Salt and pepper to taste
2 eggs, boiled and diced
Optional: chopped ham, chicken or turkey

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Combine crumbled cornbread, onion, cream of celery soup, salt and pepper.  If you use meat, add it at this time also.  Slowly mix in the chicken broth.  Spread the mixture into a pan and bake.  Cook until dressing is brown.  Add eggs and bake for 10 additional minutes.

Now, that's the basic recipe and as you all know, I make adjustments.  You can add chopped celery if you like the flavor and reduce the soup to 1/2 can.  You might have to use the entire can of broth if you reduce the amount of celery soup.  You can also add sage or any other spices you enjoy in your dressing.  This recipe is just a great jumping off point and if you don't want to make any changes, it's great just the way it is.

Give it a try....if it doesn't work out, just drown it in one will know the difference! ;-)

PS...for a printable copy, click here

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Small Changes...

....will be taking place around the blog over the next few weeks.

In the past, I've been responding to comments via email and posting them on my blog.  From now on, to save a little time, I will only be responding via email and not posting my responses on the blog.  If you show up as a "no-reply comment blogger", then your response will have to be posted on the blog.  I enjoy our conversations and don't want to miss out on any of them.  I may eventually change over to Google comments, but for now, I will give this a try.

I will also be changing the way things look around here....not too much, just a few tweaks here and there! :-)  Happy Saturday!


Friday, November 20, 2015

Are You Ready...

....for this??!!

No, not a sporting event....but this....

Well, don't worry, neither am I.  I mean, didn't we just celebrate Halloween???  It sure feels like it.

Over the next few days, I hope to be able to share a few things with you for Thanksgiving.  The first thing I want to share is this beautiful poem, author unknown....

Be Thankful
Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire,
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don’t know something
For it gives you the opportunity to learn.
Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations
Because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge
Because it will build your strength and character.
Be thankful for your mistakes
They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you’re tired and weary
Because it means you’ve made a difference.
It is easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are
also thankful for the setbacks.
Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles
and they can become your blessings.

My friend Julie, at Renaissance Mermaid, shared this poem and has taken verses from this poem, printed them out, and framed them.  She is using them as place cards for her Thanksgiving table, the verses chosen for each family member's circumstances.  What a wonderful idea!

 Soooo, in the spirit of being thankful, what is your favorite verse from this poem?


Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Future of CQ...

As you know, over the past few weeks I've been on somewhat of a blogging break.  Additionally, we have been traveling quite a bit for the hubster's business...and I work for him, so when he's on the road, I'm on the road.  :-)  I appreciate all of the sweet emails and messages I've received regarding my whereabouts.

While sometimes the traveling is nice, there are times when it isn't so our recent stint in Reno, NV.  Long days and lots of work.  Most of these business trips make it impossible to write a blog post, much less be able to read and comment on other blogs I enjoy reading.  Additionally, the "lack of internet at home" saga continues with AT&T....lots of finger pointing with no resolution in sight, which also makes it difficult to write posts and read other blogs.

All of this to say that I've been contemplating the future of this Chasing Quaintness blog.  I really enjoy sharing this quirky, hectic, crazy life with you and being able to chat about all of this craziness.  Your comments and our interaction on this blog are special to me and I enjoy the relationships that have developed because of this blog.

My initial decision was to end the blog.  But I do miss you all and really don't want to end the blog right now.  Besides, I have some great stories to share with you like "How To Ruin A Perfectly Good Piece of Furniture in 5 Easy Steps...or Less" and "Why You Should Keep Your Small Children Away From Me When I'm On an Airplane" and "Boiling A Turkey Makes Perfect Sense to Me" and "Why You Shouldn't Throw Someone's Package Out the Door While In Line At the Post Office--EVEN Though It Did Look Like a Bomb Package".   I know he feels like he married Lucy sometimes.

Sooooo, if you will all bear with me, I will eventually find balance to working, no home internet, writing, posting, reading, and commenting again.  If you are a blogger friend, I may not be able to catch every post, but please know that I will be visiting as often as I can!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Mama Needs A New Pair Of Shoes....

...and a few other things, but we will start with shoes!

Also, you can classify this as a shameless post!

Hey, I live in the Nashville area....what do you expect! :-)

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will get a small commission if you choose to click on any of the links in this post and make a purchase! 

I recently signed up to be a Target affiliate, which means, if I post cool products from Target and you click on any of those links and make a purchase, I get a few extra pennies.  I like Target, I like extra $$, so it was a win/win all the way around.  If you like Target and you like to make purchases, you can click on links in this post and some of my future posts and get your items shipped to your home...see, it's a win/win for you also!

Another win/win is the Target Red Card.

If you don't have one, you should definitely get can click on any of the RED links in the post and it will take you to the website to sign up!

Now, before you decide you do not want or need another credit card, I will tell you, it is NOT a credit card.  The Target Red Card is actually a debit card linked to your checking account.  You might say that that is nothing special...but oh, dear ones, it is.  Because every time you use that Red Card at Target, you get 5% off your total purchase (even the sale items)...not the special item of the week, not the stale chips that have been sitting over in the corner unnoticed, but your ENTIRE purchase!  See, win/win...get the Target Red Card, receive 5% off of all of your or in-store!  The Red Card is also great when your hubster leaves your suitcase at home and you have to go purchase new clothes while on a trip!  The 5% off was wonderful.  I've had my Target Red Card for quite some time and love the discount!

And with Christmas literally breathing down our necks, 5% off of all those purchases makes a huge difference and keeps a little money in your pocket for all of those after-Christmas sales....including those at Target.  And you know what?  If you use the Red Card, you get 5% off of those purchases also....a sale and another 5%....cha-ching!!  Two-fer!!

There's one other thing that you should know...the new Target Red Card has the anti-theft chip!

Happy Saturday!


Friday, November 6, 2015

I Am On Instagram....

I am, I am...on Instagram.  

No biggie...just thought it would be cute for a title, you know, all Dr. Seuss-y style.  :-)

I'm great at Pinterest...I can pin like a mad woman.  Unfortunately, I'm not so great at Instagram, but I am trying to get better at it.  

The bad thing is I do not know how to put the little icon in my icon bar for readers to be able to follow me.  NOT that I post anything extra special on Instagram, BUT I do love looking at everyone else's photos.

So, until I can figure out how to add the icon, you can find me here on Instagram!  I don't have lots of photos, but I follow people who have lots of great photos! :-)

One more quick I the only one who thinks it is bizarre to "buy" friends and followers? Hmmmm....


Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Little Break Interruption...

I know it's crazy to interrupt a blog break...BUT, I wanted to say thank you to Christine and Dewena for their sweet cards and gifts.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to make so many wonderful new friends while blogging.  Thank you all for your kindness!

PS...I didn't realize until I was ready to upload this photo, that I have the pillow that Christine cross-stitched turned in the wrong direction...Christine, please forgive me!  It is a lovely little pillow!  If you all turn your heads down and to the right, you can see it properly! :-)  Also, the hubster loves that my napkin obsession is being fed by others so that I don't have to make purchases! :-)  Be Back Soon!!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blogging Break....

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend!  We had a great time meeting our new neighbors and are looking forward to monthly get togethers.

Because I am buried in work...yes, I do have a real job :-) ....I'm going to be taking a small blogging break to focus on a few work-related projects that I need to get taken care of.

I will be responding to all of your wonderful comments from my last few posts and your sweet emails this week (the internet problem at home has still not been resolved, but we are hopeful that it will be in the near future) and will be rejoining you soon to catch you up on all of my craziness and to find out what's been going on with all of you!

See you soon!  Love you all!

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