Saturday, October 31, 2015

This Is Halloween.....

...I just love this song by Panic at the Disco.  And here is a cool little video from Just Dance 3 for Wii....see if you can dance along! :-)

By the way, did you all learn how to do the Time Warp?  There will be a test! :-)

Ok, so where was I....oh yeah....

Well....he was outside when I drove by...the kids were carving their Halloween pumpkins.  I stopped, we chatted and agreed to see each other later that evening at the haunted barn.

We met up at the haunted barn and spent the rest of the evening chatting and found we had more things in common.  It seemed as though it was going to take him forever to ask for my number.  Now, I'm a forward kinda chick, but my phone number is not something I just throw at men.

He finally asked for it....right before he left that night....and waited two flippin' weeks to call!  I had almost written him off by then....sheesh...

Our date was for lunch and we went to a really cool place in Birmingham....they served all different kinds of soup and sandwiches, it was very eclectic and had some really cool stuff to photograph (one of the things we have in common).  Is this where I told him was a picky eater and didn't really eat soup (unless it was a certain kind) or sandwiches?  Yep, no need in wasting money.  I was able to find something on the menu to eat, but I was way too nervous to really eat.   You know what I mean?

It was during our lunch conversation that I found out I was 10 years older...and I decided I probably shouldn't go out with him again.  Then, I thought what the wasn't like we were getting married or anything, right?!  Why not have some fun!

We went on quite a few more dates and got married on the 4th of July.  We both wanted to get married on Halloween, obviously, and have everyone attend in costume.   The bestie nixed that right down the line AND we were ready to get on with our life, so we didn't wait.  BUT, we do like to have a Halloween party every year so that we can celebrate our chance meeting.

This year, our special party is to get acquainted with all of our new neighbors!

I hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Friday, October 30, 2015

I Put A Spell On You....

....this is what the hubster always tells me about our marriage.  You see, we met at a haunted barn, to be exact.

I had carried my youngest son to work at a haunted barn that was taking place in the neighborhood where the hubster lived at the time.  I was going to drop the kiddo off and come back to pick him up, but the bestie convinced me to hang around.  So, I parked my cold rear end in front of the fire to wait until his shift was over.  After about an hour, some weird guy in a leather jacket walked over, grunted once and just stood there.  He had brought 4 victims, I mean children, to go through the haunted barn.  I told him that he just as well take a seat that it was going to be a while (there was a long line). 

He sat near me and we started chatting...about anything and everything.  We found out we both enjoyed a lot of the same things and he told a few corny jokes.  I gave him the obligatory laugh.  After their jaunt through the haunted barn, the victims he brought with him ran up telling him how scared they had been and after a few more pleasantries, he took them away and I waited for my son.

I enjoyed our conversation and realized that I never got his name, nor he mine.  Oh well, no biggie...just another guy.  But I did like him and we did have so many things in common. Hmmm....

When we left the haunted barn, which happened to be at a dead end street, I saw his truck parked at a house on the same road as the haunted barn.  Sooooo, I used my detective skills to find out his name, although he had the audacity to later say that I "stalked" him!  Humph!

The next time I saw him was on Halloween.  I had to take my son back to the haunted barn for another shift of annoying people...did I mention my son was dressed as one of those creepy clowns?!  Since I knew I would be passing by his house, I had made a decision to stop and introduce myself IF I saw him outside.

Well....wait....why am I telling you all of this in one sitting...there's no mystery if I do that....and, we have a date for the Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Guess you will have to come back tomorrow to see how it turns out... ;-)

In the meantime, I want you all to learn how to sing and dance to the Time Warp...


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quoth The Raven....

For a couple of years now, our Halloween decorations have revolved around Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.  Why?  Because we have a cool vintage typewriter!  :-)

And, because I have a lot of black birds in my Halloween decor.

Since I knew we would be having a Halloween party, I felt I needed to pick up a few other things in the decor I headed over to Target.  They always have some really cool decorations, most of them being very reasonably priced, especially in their dollar bins.  Even though it's pretty darn close to Halloween, I think you could still scoot on over there and pick up any extras you might need...but I digress.

These were our invitations...

...yes, I made up the silly poem...LOL

These two guys are my favorites...

...just because they choose to be different!

The hubster wired the cigar onto Skinny Willie's bony neck... that when you move his head, the cigar changes to the other side of his mouth.

My granddaughter, Gianna, wanted to know if any of these creatures would bite at your hands when you tried to get food or candy.  Sadly, no, they don't, but, most of the things around the house and at the table do moan, groan, and move when you get near them.

Our menu includes:

Sausage eyeballs
Piglet toes
Witches fingers
Roasted slime
Brains with bacon chunks (cuz bacon makes everything taste better)
...and assorted other disgusting side dishes.

No cute stuff for us...all gore at our house...sorry Kimberley, you can turn your head if you need to!  :-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I was reading on Houzz the other day that Benjamin Moore had decided that the color of the year for 2016 was going to be Simply White.  I did a what?

White??  Do you know how many people have painted their walls every color BUT white over the years?  Now, you are telling us that the new trend will be plain white walls!  Really?  Seriously?  It just goes to show you if you leave something alone long enough, it will come back in tube tops, bell bottoms, Starsky & Hutch, the Dukes of Hazzard and big hair.  White!  Who'd a thunk it!

But, it is only a everything else.

Do you ever follow trends?  I do...sometimes.  It just depends on what it is and whether or not I will like it in my home.  Will I have white walls next year?  Probably not.  My dad never let us have any color other than white on our walls.  As a teenager I craved a wall with a little bit of color, but he always said no.  So we had white walls and avocado green carpet.  And pale green drapes with liners that used those sticky pin hangers.  And avocado green appliances...and peace, love and mushroom stickers all over the kitchen mother went through a phase in the middle of the night one time.  We went to bed with plain wooden cabinets and got up the next morning with what we called "hippie" stickers everywhere and "Lean on Me" playing on the record's just how it was in the 70's.....but I digress.

Back to trends.

Since white walls will be the new trend next year, I started looking around at some of the things that are trending right now.

Gold accents.

Gold is all the rage right now.  This is a color I swore would never enter my home.  BUT, after looking at some of the ways the color was used, I purchased some gold painted antlers to mix with my pumpkins.  I like the antlers...which leads me to the next trend... 

Animal heads.

There are so many resin deer, cow, ram and antelope heads currently hanging on walls.  I found an adorable little antelope head that looks great over our bar area....but only in this home.   I don't think it would have worked well in any of our other homes.  The hubster is upset that I chose a resin animal head to hang on the wall rather than the REAL deer head he has.  He did offer to spray paint it white...I knew he was being facetious so I turned him down.

Greige Paint.

Greige, you are gettin' kicked to the curb, buddy.  I had never heard the word "Greige" until I started blogging.  After I heard it, I had no idea what color it might be.  Gray + Beige.....mystery solved. 

Dropcloth Curtains.

 Yep...made 'em...gonna let 'em hang for a while.

Anything made with pallets.

Look at Pinterest....there is a plethora of pallet projects....say that 3 times really fast!

These are just a few of the trendy things happening in the design world.  What trendy items do you have in your home?


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Who's That Girl....

...with junk in her trunk?  It's me! It's me!

I love the Spartan Cheerleaders! This is a small part of one of my favorite Spartan Cheerleader skits from SNL...they were at a volleyball tournament on the beach.  Sorry I couldn't provide a video for this skit, but none were to be found!  Unfortunately, this post is not about SNL or the Spartan Cheerleaders.  It's about what you should keep in your trunk!

I always think it's best to utilize the 7 "Ps" in whatever I do...Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.  While this little statement is a popular marketing tool, it basically applies to every area of our life...from blogging to craft projects to fixing dinner, and most especially, when we are on the road.

I came across this article and thought it would be something good to share with you...16 Things You Should Have in your Trunk.  No, I'm not going to share all 16 can read the article for yourself here.  I will, however, share a few.

Jumper Cables.

You know what they are, you know what they do.  Make sure they are in your trunk.

First-Aid Kit.


A blanket. 

When you go out to buy a new blanket for your bed, buy one for your car.  I always have a blanket in my car.

Kitty Litter. 

No, this is NOT your portable restroom, although, now that I've just typed that, I suppose it might come in handy in an extreme emergency.....hmmm.  The main reason it will be in your car is to help you get tire traction in a slippery situation.  This is great to keep during the winter months.


You might have to get out of your car in the dark.  You need to see.  Your phone is not a flashlight.  Even though you can download a flashlight app, it is not the same.

A multi-purpose tool.

Get yourself a dang Swiss Army knife Napoleon.

A tire gauge and air pump.

Digital tire gauge so you don't have to guess and....

internet image

...this air pump is cordless and rechargeable!

Please do read the article to see the other items you should have on hand.  Something that wasn't mentioned...water and food.  I like to keep a few bottles of water and some crackers in my car....just in case.


Monday, October 26, 2015

On The One Room Challenge....

Let me tell you....I just love you!  You are all so wonderful and I am so thankful that you are honest, feel free to speak your mind and, whether you realize it or not, verbalize all of the thoughts and concerns I have.  I know that is why we all get along so well!

It appears that unless a lot of things fall perfectly into place, I am not going to be able to meet the deadline for Linda's Calling It Home: One Room Challenge.  We have just returned from a week long business trip (which included 2 days of 14+ hours on the road), are exhausted and have found out that we are going to be out-of-town for a another business meeting over the next two weeks.  All of this puts a serious kink in working on this bathroom....and because we were gone all last week, no work was done.  This week we are prepping for our Halloween party on Saturday night...

...and the bathroom will need to be available for our guests, which means no demo work and no paint cans in the floor.

Additionally, as most of you stated in your comments (which I will be responding to today), I don't want to "just settle" for something on a vanity.  I really do like the lines and shape of the vanity I showed you on Saturday...

...but I would like to see some other choices and I did have my heart set on some sort of dresser for the vanity.  The fact that we have to order this particular vanity is also a serious slowdown in work time.  While I know we could push and get it done by the end of the challenge deadline, I don't want to be frazzled and hate this room before it's over.  The husbter has stated repeatedly that the nail gun is not a weapon and he is highly concerned about my frustration level during this project, especially without those hormone meds (yes, Tessa, we have discussed it...LOL).

So, all of that to say, please don't be too disappointed in me if this project is not finished by the challenge deadline.

Now, on to the winner of that giveaway...

I had the hubster pick the name out of our Halloween bowl.

Congratulations Darrielle at DD's Cottage!  I will get this little set off to you this week!

Just an FYI, the mums died just in time for Halloween.  Which just goes to show, you CAN kill a plant if you don't water it! ;-)


Saturday, October 24, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 3

Well folks, here we are again with an update on Linda's Calling It Home: One Room Challenge.

We are now at the halfway point and I have still not been able to make a decision about the vanity for our half bath.  The vanity seems to be the true "challenge" for this room.  This bathroom is a very narrow space and most of the vanities I like are not manufactured in smaller sizes....figures, right?!

The other challenge is color...for the vanity and the top of the wall.  I am usually NOT this indecisive about paint colors.....I think it is just the "new house smell" that is throwing me off!

The bottom color, where the board and batten will be, is going to be Colonial White Semigloss.  Why?  Because that is what color the trim is throughout the house and I don't want to repaint the trim in this bathroom to a high gloss white because it will not even begin to match the rest of the house.  *See the disclaimer about "new house smell" and my severe OCD tendencies....and the fact that the hormone medication is no longer being manufactured!  November has turned into Juvember as far as the hubster is concerned...LOL*

I had originally wanted to use a piece of furniture in this room, but haven't been able to find a piece that would work with the dimensions.  After looking around online a bit more, I did find this piece from Home Depot...

It's the right size and I really like the shape of it.  The issue I'm having is that it is black, which wasn't a color I had considered for this space, and the fact that the top is a bright white.  The Colonial White is an off-white and I'm concerned about color-clash.

One huge positive about this vanity is that it is on sale...YAY.  Big negative...I won't be able to use the current faucet and will have to purchase one of those stick faucets.  I'm old fashioned...I like a two-handler.

Another has to be ordered, which will literally push me right down to the wire on this bathroom!

In the words of the immortal Gilda Radner's Rosanne Rosannadanna, "it's always something."


Friday, October 23, 2015

I Bought Stumps....

...not sticks!  YAY!

You all should be so proud of me, because let me tell you, it was awfully hard to pass up the sticks I saw in Crate and Barrel.  They yelled at me from across the room....and I wanted them....but I resisted!

Fortunately, I found these little beauties....

....and brought them home.  There is only so much I can resist and when they smiled and cooed at heart was gone.

I have loved on them, talked to them and told them how adorable they are....don't you think so?!

BTW, I left James at the store!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Get By....

...with a little help from my friends!

While I'm not a Beatles fan, I do love my friends!

When I started this blog, I never expected to actually make friends.  I really had no idea how "Bloglandia" functioned.  To say that I have been pleasantly surprised is a vast understatement.  I have made so many wonderful friends and am thoroughly enjoying our relationships.

The other day, I received some surprises in the mail...housewarming gifts from blogging friends.  I just love surprises!  Kimberley at Seaside Ave and Carla at The River, sent me these goodies!

I cannot thank you ladies enough for these sweet treasures! 

I am truly thankful and honored to have met each and every one of you...bloggers and non-bloggers.  Your support, encouragement and friendship is something that I treasure.  I look forward to your comments and emails....some have made me laugh so hard that people have stared at me when I'm in the store (if I'm reading it on my phone) and someone even caused me to drop my phone because of their scented bra story!  I LOVE it!!

Thank you all for making me feel so welcome in a place where I wasn't sure I would fit!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dropcloth Curtains...

I know, it's been done to death!  BUT, since I haven't done it at all,  I decided to give it a go.

I suppose I should start by telling you that I have not used curtains on windows in our home in over 10 years, however, I wanted something light and easy to frame our bedroom windows.

The windows do not need to be completely covered because our bedroom is on the back side of the house and there are woods dividing our subdivision from the subdivision directly behind us.

I chose this style of curtain because it is inexpensive, easy and you can't really mess it up.  Anyway you slice it, it works.  And did I mention inexpensive?

When I went to make my purchase, you know the hubster had to include his two cents.  I told him I was headed to Home Depot to purchase a canvas dropcloth to use for curtains.  He said if I had wanted canvas curtains, he would be happy to cut up the old tent and it wouldn't cost anything.  I won't mention the unladylike gesture I aimed in his direction.  No, it wasn't THAT one...I stuck my tongue out at him.

After making my purchase, I brought the dropcloth home and ran it through the washing cycle 2 times to soften it up.  This was a great tip from my friend Bonbon at Farmhouse 40.  The double washing made the material pliable and ever so soft....much unlike tent canvas.  I also chose not to iron the dropcloth, just to see how it would look.  Believe me, my OCD was arguing vehemently with me about the non-ironing.  It was an ugly battle, but the wrong side of my brain won out and I put the iron away.

I don't know if it makes a difference as to what brand of dropcloth you purchase.  I chose this one... a 4 x 15 size so that I could cut it in half horizontally, rather than vertically.  I determined that trying to cut the 6 x 9 foot size in half vertically would have been U.G.L.Y., so I chose the shortest, easiest route possible.

Typical of the "dropcloth curtain" style, I used clip rings to hang the dropcloth from my rod.

I'm currently using 2 rings per rod, but will add the 3rd ring once they have fallen out a little more and have more of a "hang" to them.

So there you have version of Dropcloth Curtains!   This material was much easier to work with than I had imagined and the possibilities are truly endless because the style is so versatile!


Monday, October 19, 2015

So, Let Me Tell You What...

....the Hubster did. <evil grin and snicker>

A couple of weeks ago, we had to take a trip back home to Alabama.  It was sort of last minute and we had to hurry to pack.  The morning we left, I added a few last items to our suitcase.  The hubster zipped it up, stood it up and went to load some other cases in the car.  He came back grabbed the suitcase and off we went.

Later in the day, I wanted to grab my "flats" out of the suitcase.  Oh, one thing I forgot to mention about the suitcase is that it was the middle-size suitcase of a 3-piece nesting set.  When I removed it from the larger one, I tucked the smallest suitcase inside the largest one and set them aside.

Soooo, I wanted to get my flats out of the suitcase.  The hubster opened the back of the car and proceeded to unzip the suitcase for me...he's nice like that.  Only, when he opened the suitcase, there were no shoes or clothes, there was only the smaller suitcase.  He had grabbed the wrong suitcase when we left earlier that morning.  Our clothes, shoes and personal items were all neatly packed away in the suitcase sitting in our bedroom floor.  We had nothing for our stay away from home but the clothes on our backs, not even clean undies!!

The hubster has been happily ribbing me about the egg-splosion that happened...., being the woman that I am, I pulled out my know, we always carry around a bag of ammunition to use.  Ever since I reminded the hubster of his "mishap" about our clothing, he has been pretty silent about the egg ordeal.  :-)

I apologize for my late responses and in getting around to visiting blogs...we have been crazy busy with all things in the real working world, but please know that I will catch up!

One other thing, don't forget about the giveaway..... ends on Friday and I will draw a winner on Sunday and make the announcement on Monday!  So many details, so little time! :-)  I know that vanity for my One Room Challenge is out there somewhere...I do hope he shows up soon!


Friday, October 16, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 2

I've been trying to pace myself about working on our guest half bath for Linda's Calling It Home: One Room Challenge.

I feel like Dash in that movie The Incredibles....

...I speed up, then slow it back down to fall in line with everyone else.  This room is a little on the small side and will not take very long to finish, so I'm pacing myself on the give the hubster time to digest all of the changes I want done immediately over the next few weeks in the house.  Thankfully, he's finally jumped on board with this project.  He sent me this link from BHG today.  And, um, no you don' not be patting him on the back for this.  He is still making references to my egg debacle in the kitchen.

I had mentioned that one of the changes I wanted to make in this bathroom was a better, nicer, larger, anything other than what was there, mirror.  You will be happy to know that I found one on Craigslist and made a trip almost an hour away to check it out.  I bought it!  It was worth the drive and was so reasonably priced I would have probably made the purchase and used it somewhere else in the house if I had not needed it for this room.

To give you an idea of the size of this bathroom, or the size of the mirror, the mirror will almost touch the two side walls.  The hubster held it up for me so that I could see how it was going to look in the space.  It makes a very bold statement because of it's size, but I think it will be great.

It needs cleaning and definitely a new paint job.

Just what I needed....another paint color decision....I'm already 0 for 2 in this department!  I'm open to any and all suggestions for paint color on this mirror!

The next part of this challenge is finding a vanity!  I really want a vintage piece of furniture so that the hubster can show off his expert jigsaw skills, but the dimensions are bizarre and we may end up with a traditional vanity.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Just A Little Something....

While the hubster hasn't said a great deal about the "egg-splosion" last week, he leaves little subtle reminders, like this...

But I've moved on! :-)

Because I love the Autumn season so much, and to celebrate the fact that we are finally in our new home, I've decided to host a little giveaway.

A couple of weeks ago, I found this adorable little set at HomeGoods.

I purchased it and brought it home.  After looking at it for a few days, I decided that I would give a set to one of my sweet readers.  I really love this little set...'s vintage look...the intricate details...don't you just love it!  It is perfect for your everyday table and will be a nice addition to the table at Thanksgiving.

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is to follow me on Pinterest (leave a comment to let me know) and refer a friend who leaves a comment and follows!  It's just that simple!

I tried using the Rafflecopter deal, but it's not functioning for me today.  Looks like pulling a number out of hat will have to do this time!

I don't know about you, but I love winning things and giving things to my friends!

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