Tuesday, September 15, 2015

And So, It Has Begun....

...the Fall Home Tour, that is.

I hope you have an opportunity to check out the beautiful homes from today.  So that you won't have to refer to yesterday's post, here are the homes on the tour today!




  1. It's been so fun so far! So many creative ladies...including you. Hope you are going to include your sticks! ;-)

    1. I have loved all of the homes and feel quite intimidated....LOL....yes, there will be a photo of a set of my sticks...I've been using the others to beat Edward so that he hurries along with the chores I want done! :-)

  2. Very pretty and different design's in decorating. Borrowed a couple good idea's :-). I've noticed in this tour and another one, not everyone show's the entire inside of their house and some didn't show their porche's, so do what room's you can. We know your picture's will be incredible !! Just exhale..., the weekend will be here soon and you and Edward can chill for a day or two. I'm sorry to say , but everyone is alway's going to know you as the stick woman . Haha Love and Hug's TT

    1. They are all so different and like you, I’ve been able to pick up some good tips for future reference. I won’t make it this year to incorporate all of these great ideas, but will be holding on to them. Thank you so much, you are so sweet. Mine will not be photos of the entire house because no one wants to see that mess…with all of the boxes and mess in the floor. I’ve strategically taken the photos to dodge the mess…LOL. LOL@ stick woman..it’s okay. I posted a photo on Instagram of some that I found yesterday…don’t understand this new obsession I have…LOL Much love and hugs!!!

  3. you forgot how to fry an egg.
    my belly laugh for the day. which threw me into a coughing fit. LOLOL.
    as you can tell ... i'm here catching up with what i've missed.
    i may not be able to visit every single day... but i'll never miss a post. i backtrack very well!!!
    hang in there tuffy. givem'hell.
    well. if a former president can say it... i can.
    i have a feeling this blog is rated PG.
    after all... you've been in your own kind of war.

    1. Please don't laugh and cause coughing fits...I know those are horrible...I'm so sorry! :-) Honey, there have been so many 'non-PG' words flying through my house lately...it's just one of those things! And yes, we have been through a heck of a time, but have come out on the other side and are enjoying it! I do hope you are taking care of yourself...Like I said...don't make me come up there! :-) Love and hugs to you!! Behave yourself!! :-)


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