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Wordless Wednesday...7.29.2015


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

So Why This One?...

After a large purchase, like a home or car, do you find yourself asking, "why this one?"  I've been doing that over the past week.  Why, out of all the houses out there, did we choose this house?

Oops...sorry, wrong photo.  I definitely don't want his house, but this one...

....when I really loved this one?

These two houses are nothing alike, but I fell in love with both of them.

There were several reasons why the house we are buying appealed to us.  It had most of the items on our "checklist" and a few things we didn't expect.

It is in a good location and the Nashville area is growing, which means the resale value should be pretty good if/when we need to move again.  The hubster's business finds us somewhere new every few years.

We will be working with a blank one has lived in this house, so we will be able to make the few changes we want to make relatively easy.

The fireplace is awesome!

While I would love a woodburning fireplace, this one is nicely done, has a switch that turns it on (which I really like) and has beautiful trim.  Since we are not crazy about the tile surround, I already have plans to make this look different.  The hubster said I would have to wait until we finished the half bath project. :-(

The open floor plan was a biggie for us.  As suspected, there has already been much debate about the removal of that ceiling fan.  The discussion....(him) there is nothing wrong with that fan, it's brand new...(her) it's ugly and I want a chandelier...(him) a chandelier will not help with air flow....(her) neither does your talking about that fan....I will win...eventually! :-)

I don't like to be closed off in the kitchen when we have guests...I love to entertain!

This house is much smaller than the one we are renting and we both wanted smaller.  I don't like to spend all of my free time cleaning a house, especially one with empty rooms!

This house does not have a "Bogus Room" is a true "Bonus"!

The wainscoting and trim package add a little elegance to an ordinary house.

While I really wanted white cabinets, these were very appealing in color and style.

The house does have some screened in porch and an extraordinarily small back yard.  We are correcting that problem before we move in..the screened in porch, we are stuck with a small back yard.

The flower beds are already in bad shape.  I will apply my brown thumb and make them worse.  Then, I will find someone who can tutor me in keeping plants alive.  The perk about the flower beds...there is one lone hydrangea struggling to survive.  I'm so excited...a hydrangea bush! (The real reason we are buying this house...shhh, don't tell the hubster!)

Builder incentives were a huge perk on this house.  We are getting $$$ from the builder on closing costs and that was HUGE for us!!

So there's the long, short version of how we chose this house as our future home!  :-)

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, July 27, 2015

Our New Home..

For the past week, I've been showing you some of the homes we visited while searching for our new home here in the Nashville area.  Be thankful that I only showed you those few.  There were many, many homes we visited.  I could blog about these homes for the next 6 months, but you would be bored and sick of looking at houses and eventually all you would see on this blog would be the occasional tumbleweed rolling by instead of entertaining comments.

After months of searching we finally made a decision, bit the bullet and decided to put yet another contract on a house.

The builder refused our contract.  We were good with that, as the street has no internet or cable services.  We work from home and must have high-speed internet service.  After debating about it for a few days and trying to figure out some "work-arounds" with the internet issue, we decided to go back to negotiate a contract on the house.  Bad news, it had a contract on it.  Our realtor encouraged us to go ahead and submit our offer as the other contract was a "contingency".  The other couple would need to sell their house before they could buy this house.  We submitted our offer.  The other couple had 24 hours to show that they could finance the house without selling their house first.  They had to withdraw their contract and ours was accepted....the first step to our new home.

When our realtor first took us to this house, we were skeptical about the area, but very interested in the house.  It is a small house, but had features that gave it a custom-built appearance to make it look a little the trim above the windows...

....and the wainscoting in the dining area.  Granite countertops also make a difference... does the open floor plan.  Since there is no stove or refrigerator, I've been relieved of my cooking duties! ;-)

It has the fireplace I requested....

....but I don't know where I will put my new sticks (you can read about my new sticks here).  As you can see, the area above the fireplace is wired for a TV.  The builder even made a nice picture frame for the TV.

The master bedroom is small... is the master bath.

These things do not matter to us...we wanted a smaller home.

Our sofa will not fit in the main floor living space...

....but that's okay also...because this house has a real bonus room, not a BOGUS room!

I turned cartwheels up here, danced my Cabbage Patch dance...(pick it up at about 18 seconds)

...and threw my back out.  I was cool with it.

I cannot tell you how glad we are that the search is over!  We will close around the middle of August.  We have until the end of September to be out of this house, which gives us plenty of time to get over there and start personalizing a few things.  I've got a running list started and my Pinterest boards will hopefully come to life.

I've picked out some new paint colors for the rooms in the house.  The hubster wanted to know why I wanted to paint a brand new house that had been freshly painted.  I explained that I wanted to have parts of me intermingled with all the new finishes.  He told me to roll across the floors and there would be parts of me all over the place, along with all the food scraps the construction workers left behind.  Pfft.  I'll bribe him with some power tools and he will be following me around begging for a new project.

So there you have it...our home search journey of the good, the bad and the ugly.  Now, I have to ask for your help.  You see that ugly return cover on the left side in the photo above?  We have to find a creative way to cover that eyesore.  It is the first thing you see when you walk in the door.  I'm open to suggestions.  I might even have to hold a "Decorate My Entry" contest!

*photos courtesy of realtor

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Silent Sunday....7.26.2015

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bless Your Heart...

This phrase came up in a conversation I was having with a friend who lives up North.  It came up again at our neighborhood Bible study on Wednesday.  My Northern friend said that this phrase is confusing for them sometimes because they are never sure exactly what it means...if it is good or bad. At Bible study, one of the ladies (Southern born and bred) said she hated hearing this phrase.  So, I thought I would take a minute to clear up any misconceptions you might have when you hear a Southerner say, "Bless Your Heart".

Bless Your Heart is a phrase that Southerners can use for good or evil.  I don't know it if started out that way, but it's the way it works now.  Here are a few instances of its use and how it should be taken:

"You wrecked your car? Bless your heart, that's awful!" = This is a Southerner being sincerely nice and hates that these circumstances happened.

"I see you got your hair cut...bless your heart" = This is never good.  This is telling you that this was not a good decision, please don't ever do this again.

Then, there are some obscure instances...

"Bless your heart, those are the most interesting salt shakers I've ever seen!"  Hmmmm, do you say thank you or I'll find you something different to use?

I admit that sometimes, I don't even know how to take it.  But, if I use "bless your heart" it is always in a good way....meaning that I sympathize, empathize and generally hate that something bad is going on in your world.

While I'm at it, I would like to clear up a few other misconceptions about Southerners:

1)  I have all of my teeth.  Well, except 2 that I lost last summer due to an abscess.  A dentist, who shall remain nameless, broke a drill bit off in my tooth (go ahead and cringe and say "bless your heart" because it is appropriate to do so) and then put a crown on it.  It had no choice but to abscess...that was miserable.

2)  Down South, it is Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mellow Yello, Dr. Pepper, etc.  There is no soda or pop.  We don't know what that means.

3)  "Yonder" is an actual location.

4)  We do not fry everything in oil...sometimes we fry it in butter.

5)  We are always "fixin'" to do something.

6)  We have hissie fits and conniptions and they are always pitched!

7) We push buggies, not carts.

8) We make friends while standing in line at the store or in the bathroom at Chick-Fil-A.

9)  Texas is not a Southern state.

10) Southerners always bring food to a funeral.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of silly!  Happy Saturday!


Friday, July 24, 2015

The Southern Belle...

I've got a "girl crush".....these were the hubster's first words when he saw this house.

This house was gorgeous, well built, stately, elegant...the list goes on and on.  The view from the road was magnificent.

When we drove up, I heard the soundtrack from Gone With the Wind.  Rhett Butler was telling me how hot the summers could get here in the south, while we sipped our Mint Juleps on the veranda.

The hubster was goobly-eyed.  He kept telling me how this was his "dream home".  What?!!  You said you wanted a dream home in the middle of Montana.

This Southern Belle was situated on 5 acres, mowed acres....not wooded acres, one hour from downtown Nashville.

The hardwood floors were true hardwoods....from several old barns.  The owners had built this house.  They were moving down the street so they could build another house....smaller, since their kids had flown the coop...hey, it's a traditional southern home that deserves traditional southern speak.

It had not one, but two chandeliers in the living room and a real honest-to-goodness wood-burning fireplace.  Our furniture would fit nicely.

The dining room was green, one of the hubster's favorite colors.  The chandelier was just for me!

The kitchen was nice and large and was adjacent and open to the living area.  That sink was an original 1930's sink.  Subway tile, counter-depth fridge...all good...and a gas stove.

These spaces were a little yellow, but something I could live with until we started painting.  Boy, that snapped the hubster's head right around.  Paint?  There is nothing wrong with this color.  It's perfectly fine...said he.

The master bedroom was nice and large...lots of light... a little lavender, but workable.  The chickens could fly right up and peck on our windows to wake us up every day!  Chickens, who said anything about chickens?!  The hubster wanted chickens.  Nope!  No chickens.

The master bath was the same color lavender.....had beautiful pedestal sinks. And....what do I spy with my little eye?  Another chandelier!  This place was a haven of chandeliers!   The master closet was all cedar!  Cha-ching! Those saloon doors to the commode would need to be replaced.  Can't have the hubster walking in with his little cap guns yelling "howdy pardner" while I was in there...I would be mortified!

We loved this house.  I envisioned Southern Living banging on my door every weekend asking me to host yet another gala for a photo spread in their magazine (I have a very active imagination).

At Christmas, the entire house would have warm, welcoming lights...the Christmas tree lighting the living room and kitchen with a soft glow.  We would stand on the porch watching the snow lightly fall and blanket the entire property as our neighbors celebrated this wonderful time of year with us and we would sing Christmas carols, then go inside for hot chocolate, hot cider and the roasting of marshmallows over the wood fire in the fire place.  We would all tell each other about our best Christmas ever...and ours would be this one.  All would be right with the world.

But this house was not to be ours either.  There was no screened-in porch.  There was a fireplace.  It was much larger than the house we are renting.  We wanted a smaller house. There was no garage.  It did have a large metal building out back that could be used as a workshop for the hubster.  BUT, it was 5 acres to mow.  We travel.  It would be a jungle during the summer and we would spend all of our free time mowing this yard.  There would be no Southern Living galas, no Christmas carols, no craft projects, no blog, no turkey sandwiches, no turkey soup, no turkey ala king.  And, the granddaddy of them was over our budget.

We waved goodbye.  The hubster moped around for weeks....talking about his "girl crush"...his "dream home".....gone.

So the search continued....

*photos courtesy of the realtor

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Ad Read....

....Jacques Cousteau doesn't live here anymore. 

Please know that I am not criticizing anyone's decorating style at all, because we all have different tastes.  I am just one of those people that feel if you decorate with a distinct theme, that "less is more" and you should at least have children in the house to enjoy this decor.  This was a single man (several times divorced) and no children lived in or visited this house. So, with that being said...

The statement above would be enough to make any normal person head for the hills and stay far away from this house.  But not us.  The hubster smelled a bargain.  And once he saw this view in the online photos....

...there was no keeping him from seeing this house.  It was on the 12th hole of a very nice golf course.  For me, I smelled a rat, or dead squid, from the get go because the price of the house was too affordable for a house on a "very nice golf course". 

The hubster would not listen to reason or logic.  I argued and pleaded.  There was no screened in porch and that was one of my demands "wish list" items.  The house already had a big glaring X all over it for me.  He argued that we might be able to "fix it up".  NO, no more fixer uppers for this chick.  But off we see the undersea world of Jacques Cousteau.

Once we arrived on the scene, the realtor unlocked the house and we stepped inside.  I smelled fresh paint...maybe there was hope for this house after all.  She told us the details and stated that each room was being painted and that a lot, and she emphasized "a lot" of the fish decor had been removed .  Okay, I can work with this...

Unfortunately, it had high ceilings with another nosebleed lookout.  Maybe I can deal with it, let's see the rest of the house.

While it didn't have a screened in porch, the deck area was nice, a triple-decker...ha ha..get it..triple-decker, 'cuz there are 3 decks....anyway...

The hubby even took the time to check the trajectory of golf balls hit off the tee to make sure that the windows wouldn't be busted by a golfer's errant hook or slice.

The kitchen had been updated with new countertops and all new appliances.  Cool.  Lots of storage.  Let's see more.  We head upstairs.  This is where it all came to a screeching halt!

The realtor should have mentioned that Arnold Palmer lived here also, because there was an entire room wallpapered with scenes from Pebble Beach Golf Course and the floor was covered with green carpet...a perfect indoor putting green!  And I bet if I had lifted that loose patch of carpet in the center of the floor, I would have found one of those little cups that you hit the ball into.  I'm so sorry I do not have a photo of Arnold Palmer's room.  You would stand there like I did with your mouth hanging open.  I was speechless and left the room immediately....and unfortunately encountered this room..

My words to the realtor, "I thought you said Jacques Cousteau and his stuffed animals didn't live here anymore!"  She said it would be painted and the remnants of the undersea world would be removed.  She also indicated that we should have seen it "before" most of the items had been removed. I feared another exorcism was in order because there was no way Jacques and his buddies were willingly leaving this house.

Moving on, we saw this...

"Is the owner taking that poster with him?  And exactly when will the staff of Sea World be leaving this house?"

And just when you think it could not possibly get any worse....this...

See that photo on the left wall of the pool table?  That's not a photo.  That is a hole cut into the wall....with a gen-u-ine 3-dimension "aquarium" of little fishes that have his grandkids' heads on them.  Each fish has a cute little smiling child's face.  The realtor happily told us that if we would give the owner some family photos, he could personalize that "aquarium" just for us.  You know what the hubby said?  "Is he going to leave that stereo system?"  What??!!  Are you crazy??!!  I'm hopping on the first shark fin and swimming out of this place.

That was it, out the door I went.  I had nightmares for days about all those fish sporting the heads of little children.

And the search continued...

*photos courtesy of realtor
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