Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted....

Unfortunately, I will not be going on vacation, but business travel...then vacation!  :-)

But then, more business travel.  So, for the next month, my posts will be pretty sporadic and more fluff than substance, sorry.  It's difficult to write a blog and enjoy the traveling experience.  Hopefully, I will have interesting photos and stories to share when I return.  I will post when I can, but keep your expectations low. :-)  Unless, I find a couple of hours and feel really inspired.  Then, you can be pleasantly surprised!

In the meantime, read some of my older posts and munch on some popcorn while enjoying this song from the Go-Gos!

I wanted to be a Go-Go....once!  ;-)  The video was cool and they got to water ski in tutus!

See ya in a few!



  1. I wanted to be a Go-Go, too!! Have fun...and behave! ;)

    1. Why am I not surprised…LOL.. Thanks so much! I have no choice but to behave……this time….LOL

  2. You are leaving us all alone without beautiful photography!?!

    1. Aww, Donna you are just too sweet! I’ve already written a blog for Monday and will hopefully be able to post photos while we are gone. I hope I am able to find some interesting things to write about and photograph!


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