Friday, May 1, 2015

So, There Was This Light Bulb...

...that needed changing in this lamp in this corner of my kitchen.

Simple, right?  Nope, not here.

I've mentioned before that we are living in a rental home until we find the house we want to purchase.  I love the open floor plan of this house, but dislike the kitchen because it is so dark.  The countertops are black granite.  Not a problem if you have white cabinets, but very dark with cherry-colored cabinets.  I can't paint the cabinets. So, I have a lamp in here to add some light to the dark corner.  If this were our home, under cabinet lighting would be installed and there would be no need for the lamp.  What am I saying??!!  If we owned this house, the cabinets would be white and the countertops would be a white something.  And the current kitchen dilemma would not be taking place.

Yesterday, the light bulb burned out in the lamp.  I grabbed a new bulb from the stash to replace it.  While changing the light bulb, I decided the corner needed a bit of restyling.  It has been sitting this way since we moved in 6 months ago and I've not changed anything about the area.  Crazy, I know, right?  So, logically, a facelift was in order.  I mean, after all, it's been this way for 6 months!!

I started moving things around using my white pitchers. I thought they might be a good way to lighten the area a little more. I do like the dark wooden pedestal that I found at Pottery Barn (have I  mentioned this is one of my favorite stores?) a few years ago as a backdrop for the white pitchers. The pedestal also helps hide the ugly lamp cord.  I ended up with this.

I didn't like it.  At this point, the cold, icy breath of craft project failures started breathing down my neck.  Why didn't I just leave well enough alone?   No one pays any attention to this corner anyway.  It is like the proverbial "black eye" that everyone tries to ignore!  But I wanted a change!  And you ALL know what comes next?  I had to find something to fix that corner.  I could not let it stay the same way another 6 months.  I started dragging things out of the cabinet to see what I could use to help restyle this corner.  It's about this time that the hubby walks know, while EVERYTHING in the cabinet is spread out on the countertop for me to sort through.

He looks at the mess, shakes his head and asks, "What's your blog topic today - kitchen demolition in 3 easy steps?"  My reply, "no, Mr. Smarty Pants, I'm changing a light bulb!"  He nods, like, riiiiggghhhtt.  Pfftt, just move on through the train wreck and leave the comments to the readers.

I was on a mission. Like a crazed woman I couldn't leave it alone. So, I tried this.

And this.

And this.

And finally this.

And this is how it sits.  The only change I've made is to move the lamp plug to the bottom outlet.  I don't know that it will stay this way because I'm not really sure how I feel about it.  I will let it ferment for a bit and then decide.

I don't know how it is at your house, but sometimes, around here, it's just a barrel of poops and giggles!



  1. Been there!! I think it looks lovely. I just adore a lamp on the countertop and who doesn't like white pottery!

    1. Thank you so much Kim! I’m glad it’s not just me…LOL.

      I like lamps and little pops of light – I have them all over the house. I’m hoping the white pitchers will help me like that corner a little better! :-)

  2. I empathize. I start projects like this. Well, it helps that my home is smaller now. My spouse use to say he had to look before he sat, because the furniture would be rearranged. xoxo Su

    1. LOL...that is too funny! We are just that way...women like change around the house! Have a wonderful day! Hugs!!

  3. I think all of us have been there at some point LOL It looks great! So did the picnic :)


    1. Thank you! It just seems never ending sometimes! Hope you are feeling better! :-) Hugs!!


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