Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Are You a Fan...of Rattan?

I love wicker furniture that looks like this...

Or this...

And this...

 Even this...

But I do not care for rattan that looks like this...

I don't know why this particular look of rattan has never appealed to me. I do remember having, in a previous life, a rattan and glass dining table and chairs that was very similar to this.  I was constantly cleaning off little sticky finger prints and hated that set before it was a year old.  It could be that I was traumatized as a child during one of our many summer vacations to Panama City Beach.  Most beach condos sported this style of furniture because it is durable (unless someone is throwing it off a balcony while experiencing a drunken stupor).  Or it could be that it has such a masculine "aura".  It could be that it is dark in color, although rattan can be found in lighter colors, like this...

Or it could be that I like furniture and spaces that are a little more feminine in style....soft, white, light, airy and....quaint. :-) To me, rattan feels heavy regardless of the size of the the space in which it sits or how much light is flooding the room.  

I have several friends and family members who have rattan furniture and the space always looks beautiful and well put together, but it just isn't for me.  And I'm okay with that!

What about you?  Are you a fan...of rattan?



  1. um...yes and no. Like you said, it has to be the right look for me! I have it outside by the pool and in our screened in porch. I also have a white set in my daughter's room...I am less fond of that now! ;)

    1. I wonder why it has always been used on porches, around water or beach areas? Is the wood actually more resistant to water, weather or sea air? I’ve never researched it. Every place we ever stayed in Florida or on the Gulf Coast in Alabama always had rattan. And I had a set when my kids were little. It is just not a thing for me anymore…maybe I have rattanaphobia! LOL I bet the white looks pretty. I’ve never seen it in white, only in the dark colors or what I call “blonde rattan”. And thank you for commenting on this post – that was very sweet of you! Hugs!!

  2. Ok, the name of the post is the best. I like the catchy rhyme! The thing that cracked me up, was the only piece of rattan I own is dark brown...yup...the one you hate.

    1. LOL…that is hilarious!! The set I used to have was dark brown also…LOL. Have a great day!!

  3. Benita,
    The post is not all that bad. It just doesn't have your normal voice, except for the title. I don't like to sit on rattan; I find it lumpy and uncomfortable.


    1. Thank you Judith, you are sweet! It was very early on and I was trying to “find my way” I suppose. I told Kim that maybe I had “rattanaphobia” or something like that…LOL! Have a wonderful day! Hugs!!


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