Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Ain't Sayin' She A Gold Digger...

I'm going to go ahead and make a confession...I am such a freak!  Not in a bad way mind you, but in a bizarre sort of way.

For instance, I found these cute gold and white file folders a while back.  I've really been attracted to all things gold lately.  The hubster's sweating...he wants to make sure the gold attraction doesn't turn to the jewelry department.

Now, the normal person doesn't care if the binder clips and paper clips and push pins and pencils do not match the file folders.  But for me, the freak of the week, I need for these things to coordinate and/or match or my brain just has itself a little conniption fit.  If you are not from the south, I know you have no idea what a "conniption" fit is.  It is officially defined as a fit of rage or hysterics.  I don't get mad if these things don't match or coordinate, but I do indulge in a little bit of hysterics.  My brain just can't seem to function until there is order and coordination.  I can't remember if that is left brain or right brain...either way, I have that brain.  What I don't have is the craft brain, which is probably why my craft-projects are all failures!  But I digress...

Even though I don't have anything special to put in them, I just love these gold and white folders.  They make my work seem so much less tedious.  Unfortunately, in order for me to use the folders, I needed to find some coordinating supplies....see, freak of the week.

While out prowling shopping around one day, I came across these little beauties!

I was ecstatic!  I actually squealed a little when I found them.

Most of these items were found at HomeGoods in a packaged set.  The sweet little pencils, the frame and the @ sign were found at Hobby Lobby.

I cannot wait to get these things all set up in our home office.  I have a gold stapler and gold-handled pair of storage....packed away.

Please tell me I'm not the only one out there who's a gold digger!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Cream Puffs for Valentine's...

A couple of years ago, I did a fancy little meal for the hubster for Valentine's Day.  You can check it out here. Via this blog post, I'm informing him that the fancy little meal will not be happening this year.  We just have too many irons in the mom had another heart attack Thursday night, my nephew (27 years-old) had a heart attack Friday night, I made a quick trip to Birmingham (flying back and forth), we did not close on the new house on Friday, we've had to reschedule several deliveries and utility services, we have lots of meetings going on with the hubster's business and have got to get some business travel scheduled.  He will be lucky if he gets a PB&J with the crusts cut off!

Since I couldn't prepare a special meal for us, I decided to make a quick and easy dessert for Valentine's.  Much like Sandra Lee, I'm all about shortcuts and foods being "semi-homemade".  Sometimes, it's just the way it is.

I chose these little cream puffs to make because they are easy...and right now, I need easy.  I rolled out some store-bought puff pastry...

....cut the sheets into small squares, baked them for the required time and let them cool on a wire rack.  I then sprinkled the puffs with powdered sugar...

...and topped them with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

See, easy peasy.  They taste very can eat 1, 2 or 10 and not feel guilty! :-)

I made up a few for the blog and saved the rest of the pastries in a baggie to decorate tomorrow evening.  I also plan to add some chocolate syrup and just to make it healthy, add a few sliced strawberries.

There is one very important thing I do need to share.  When you are grating the chocolate, hold on to the chocolate tightly so that it does not might accidentally grate your knuckles if your grip slips a little!  Now, I'm not saying that's what happened, I'm just saying it COULD happen! ;-)

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Friday, February 10, 2017

It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times...

I know that at the end of every year (or right at the beginning of the New Year), bloggers write about their top posts for that year.  I thought about doing that but given that I only had 33 posts for 2016 (the ol' blog was a little neglected)...I think they would all fall into the "worst" category!

Sooooo, I decided to do a "The Best and The Worst" of my blog posts.  I've only been blogging for 2 years, so I don't have a lot of "street cred".  The post that was "best" for me, might fall into your "lame crap" category, but that's okay.  I'm good with it! :-)

Now, on to the winners...

Through the Looking Glass...

This has been my top post of all time.  This project was easy and I didn't screw it up.  If you read my blog, you know I am not a craft-project guru and things normally do not turn out very well.  You know, like trying that new recipe and setting the kitchen on fire...that's how craft projects work for me!

In the Bedroom...

I wrote this post to tell about some of the fun things we do in bed, however, I'm not going to elaborate can go back and read the post or use your imagination! :-)

Coffee-Cured Filet Mignon....

Great recipe and absolutely delicious (per the hubster)!  'Nuff said.

The biggest loser of my blogging career was this post...It's All About the Cheese....

No, don't bother to go back and read was a yawner to write and even more of one to read...much too technical for me and it was an early post...long before I found the style I wanted to use for this blog.

On to the honorable mention....The Stool Pigeon...

This was one of my most epic failures in the crafting department...and no one will let me forget...especially when I keep bringing it up! :-)  It. Was. Horrible.  But, I bounced back and worked on another stool project or two that turned out okay.  Don't you just hate that word "stool"?!

I've always heard that if you can't be a good example, then try to be a horrible warning....


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Because Why Not Start There...

I've been away from the blog again....for a very good reason.  We have been trying to get things completed for our upcoming closing and for our move this weekend!  YAY!!

We are excited about the house and I am definitely looking forward to adding personal touches to this house.  I've already picked out new pendant lighting, chandeliers, rugs, wall colors, etc.  I know the hubster is super excited about all the work I've got lined up for him over the next year! :-)  It will take a while to make all the's a long list!!   But it is all part of moving into a new home...and all part of living in a home you've been in for a while.  We are women....we like decorating changes in our home as trends come and go and even if we are not trendy in our decorating choices, we just like to shake things up sometimes.

Over the next few posts I will be sharing "before" pics of the house.  Let's start with the kitchen...because....why not start there?

The photos I'm sharing are the realtor photos so the lighting isn't the best.

I love the cabinets.  We will be adding hardware and soft-close hinges to the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  We had soft-close hinges at our house in Tennessee...what a difference they make!

For the pendant lights...they will eventually be replaced with one of these....

I haven't quite decided which one, but the fact that the light at World Market is out-of-stock indefinitely, may cause me to choose the Wayfair light.  I will show the chandy choices I like for the breakfast area another time!  I know I should show you now, but there has to be some mystery in our relationship, right?? ;-)

One more view of the kitchen before I scoot out...

....because right now, I'm running Henny Penny and Willy Nilly trying to get ready to move! :-)


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Another One Bites the Dust...

As you know, since returning to the Dallas area, we have been living in my in-laws home.  They have graciously let us live here while our home is getting built....or so we thought it was getting built.

Before we moved back, we had been working with a builder in a cute little subdivision to build us a house, but that didn't work out because of the price to build said house...$164 sq. ft.  Not acceptable.  After that fell through, we found another subdivision and another builder.  We signed on in September and planned to close/move in April.  Wellllllllll, we have been wondering why we still had nothing but an unleveled lot and no progress in the house building department.  I know they can build houses pretty quickly now, but here it is the middle of January and no ground has been broken.  That house is not going to be ready by April.  We did some calling, got the builder to do some calling and found out that the city would not permit the house to be built on the lot.  The city had been sitting on the plans for all these months.  Needless to say, we were beyond frustrated.

I was really looking forward to this house because we were able to pick out the exact colors for everything...we called it our "50 Shades of Gray with Some Exterior Beige and Brown" house.  You know, cuz you have to name your house...just like your car, right?  BTW, my car's name is Brad. :-)

We had chosen the bumped out hood...
...white shaker-style cabinets, gray and white countertops, gray carpet, dark wood floors, shades of gray tiles that were going to be arranged in this really cool pattern in the master shower and around the tub...

And we were going to have those little light gray shiny tiles woven through the big light gray tiles.  The fireplace was going to have that pretty white mantle with tumbled gray/white stone...*sigh*
Gone, all gone.  No turkey, no turkey sandwiches, no turkey salad, no turkey gravy, turkey hash, turkey a la king, or gallons of turkey soup...gone, all gone.  Just one big pile of mess right there in the floor!!  But I'm over it and it's obviously was not the right house for us.

Apparently, the right house for us was literally right around the the same neighborhood.  Once we received word that our house couldn't be built and that we would have to start all over and that it would be fall or later before we would have a home, we decided to go house hunting...again.  We are old pros at house hunting!

Because it would make this post so incredibly long and boring, I will share details of the house we chose on the next post.  Thankfully we didn't have to suck as many lemons this time around and we are hoping that this sale will go all the way through!!  I'm going to have to delete the "Our Home" page on my blog.  The pics on there are 4 houses ago and we move so much I can no longer keep up! ;-)

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