Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Quick Update....

I know most of you think that I have fallen off the face of the earth, but truly, I haven't.  :-)

Life has been a bit overwhelming and has literally been turned upside down since the loss of my dad a few months ago.

My youngest son moved to Florida to live near my oldest son.  While I hate that they are both so far away, the good news is that when I visit them in Florida, I will also get to visit with my sweet friend Dewena.

In addition to the loss of my dad and getting my youngest son settled in Florida, I had the flu for almost 2 months...yes 2 very long months!!  I thought it would never was attached like a leech!!

Soon after the flu departed, we found out that we have to move back to Texas.  Yes, our sweet home that we spent so much time searching for and decorating will have to be sold.  It is officially on the market.

If I could move this house to Texas I would move it...and be quick about doing would sure save time having to look for a new one and doing all of that decorating again.  But here's the biggest rub....after all of those years trying to grow hydrangeas, I finally have them...a large bush full of beautiful lush, white blooms....and I have to leave it behind!  Life just loves to kick you in the knee sometimes!

As much as I dislike the life changes that have taken place over the last few months, I do know that this is how it is...a roller coaster of the grandest proportions and we are only along for the better hold on tight!

I do hope to be back writing regularly before too long, so please bear with me!


Friday, February 26, 2016

Small Change...BIG Impact...

I am a firm believer that a small change in a home can lead to a BIG impact.  When redoing areas of our home, I look for things that I think will make the most difference and give us the most "bang for our buck" light fixture!

The entry of our home is rather small so I wanted to change something in this area that would really make a difference to the feel of our home when you walk in.  Instead of looking around, I decided to look up...up to the contractor grade light fixture hanging from the ceiling.

When we looked at this house, I knew there were some contractor grade fixtures that would be changed...primarily the light fixtures.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these light fixtures, I wanted something that would make more of a personal statement about us and our home.  I believe that light fixtures give our home a little extra personality.

Over the weekend, I found this light at a local lighting store.

I knew immediately it was the one for me.  You know, that love at first sight deal!

The hubster quickly installed this beautiful light for me (bad cell phone pic, but cute hubster).  It didn't take him long at all and you do not have to be an electrician to change out a light fixture.  You just have to be in, turn off the circuit breaker, do your best to keep your wife from squealing while you are on the ladder and don't let her shake the ladder hold the ladder steady for you.

Our entry now has a totally different feel and totally different look!

Small change, BIG impact!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Milk Stool Makeover: A Create and Share Challenge

I have a love/hate relationship with stools.  While I am not the best DIYer out there, it seems that every time I decide to tackle a project, it is a stool of some sort.

To refresh your memory, I am 1 for 2 in this department.  There was the Stool Pigeon epic failure and then the successful French Provincial project.  This project seems to be successful in that the paint and wax are all in the right places and I didn't have to assemble or stencil anything!  If I were a brave person, I would have tried a nice stencil on top, but why tempt fate, right??!!

I have the privilege of being part of a great group of bloggers who participate in a monthly Create and Share challenge.  This month's project involved the use of Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint and a small stool.  While I received no monetary compensation for this project, I did receive the supplies to complete this project for free.  I chose the Snow Owl color with clear wax.  This post does contain affiliate links and all opinions about this product are my own.

My project started with what I lovingly refer to as the Mad Cow Milk Stool.  It looks somewhat like a renegade cow and is about the size of an old milking stool.

I purchased this stool last year, deeply discounted, and sat it in the corner until I could get around to making it look more presentable.  Since this stool was in desperate need of a good sanding, I kindly asked the hubster to retrieve the electric sander.  We took turns ridding the stool of it's "mad cow" disease.

After wiping off the sanding residue, I began applying the Wise Owl Chalk paint.  I've only used a couple of brands of chalk paint, so I don't have a wide variety of comparison, but I really did like this paint.  It went on smoothly and had a silky look to it.  It didn't clump on my brush and while it dried quickly on the stool, it didn't dry quickly on the brush.  It only took a small amount of paint to cover the areas of this stool.  I let the paint dry well between the 3 coats.  I wanted to make sure all traces of "mad cow" were gone.

After the third coat dried, I lightly distressed the legs around the edges, wiped off the dust and applied the wax.  I really loved the brush that Wise Owl provided.  The bristles were so soft.  The wax stayed on the brush well, and again, a small amount of wax went a long way.  I do love how the wax deepened the natural wood on the top of the stool.

I am so pleased with the finished look of this milk stool.

The paint is the perfect white color to blend with my decor and looks so pretty on the stool.  The clear wax changed the color ever so slightly....not enough to tell the difference.

The stool now has a clean, crisp look and no longer sports the look of a mottled cow.

Lucky for all of you, Wise Owl is offering one of these sets for you!  Be sure to enter the giveaway when you check out these other great projects (my Rafflecopter code is malfunctioning right now)!

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Thank You....

I want to thank you all so much for your sweet words, thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.  I have felt your prayers, love and support.

I will be sharing a normal blog post later...a prior commitment that I must keep.  I will respond to each of your sweet and kind comments as soon as I can. 

Thank you all again so much for your kindness...I am so blessed to have you all as friends!!

Love and hugs,


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Saying Goodbye...

I wanted to write to let you know that I will be taking a short blogging break.  My dad passed away yesterday.  He was taken to the hospital on Sunday as he was having chest pains and difficulty breathing...he suffered from COPD.  He was feeling much better and doing well, so they let him come home on Tuesday.  Around midnight Tuesday, mother woke up and found him on the floor, unresponsive.  He was taken by ambulance back to the hospital, but remained unresponsive.  He died just as I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital yesterday.

Please remember us all in your prayers.

I had a wonderful conversation with my dad Tuesday was comical, but typical of my dad.  He told me he couldn't stay at the hospital for long because he would gain too much weight...that the hospital food was just too good to pass up.  Now, we have ALL eaten hospital food and there is nothing good about that food.

He was a wonderful man and we will miss him so much!

Thank you to all of you for your prayers and sweet, loving words here, in emails and on Facebook.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!!!

Love to you all!!

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